The Brush Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a tool which can be used for adding some breathtaking effects into your photos. Adobe Photoshop has a battery of imposing tool and one of them is Brush Tool. The Brush Tool is present in the 4th row of Photoshop’s toolbar. You can also learn about Panning and Zooming Images in Adobe Photoshop.

  • When you will select the Brush Tool there is a Brush preset drop-down menu from the Option bar. There are many presets and each preset is saved at given size which is indicated below the brush preview icon in the list of preview. This can be changed by dragging master diameter slider.
  • The Opacity of the brush will defined how much transparent your paint is. The Opacity level is set to 100% by default.
  • Flow is another property of paint Tool which is dynamic in nature. The Opacity level show the maximum amount of opacity whereas the Flow sets minimum amount.
  • If the Flow setting is very low and the opacity has been set to its fullest you can paint with what seems a low opacity.
  • Hardness is another property of Brush Tool which will define how sharp are the edges of the brush. The hardness value can be set from 0 to 100.
  • Now whenever you use the Brush Tool you can select the Options bar for modifying the brush size as well as shape.
  • The is a preset pop-up is available beneath your mouse when you will right-click on your image.
  • You can also select a new color from the image by holding down the Alt key. By pressing Alt key the Brush Tool will change into Eye Dropper tool which will let you sample a color from any of the pixels.