The Clone Stamp Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a comprehensive image editing application which will let you add some amazing effects. One of the “Fun” tools included in Adobe Photoshop is Clone Stamp Tool. The Clone Stamp Tool is used for pixel to pixel cloning in Photoshop. This tool is different from Healing Brush Tool as it will not blend the target area automatically. The Clone Stamp Tool can also be used for removing any portion from the image. You can also learn about The Brush Tool in Adobe Photoshop. In order to use Clone Stamp Tool you need to follow these steps.

  • 1st of all you need to select Clone Stamp Tool and then position the cursor over the area which you need to clone.
  • Now press Alt key for defining the clone source.
  • Now you need to position the cursor over the area where you are required to paint the cloned pixel and after this you need to start painting.
  • When you will be painting you will notice that a cross hair follows the pixels which you are cloning.
  • Select Window>Clone Source for opening the Clone Source panel. This little panel will let you save multiple clone sources for referring to while you are working.
  • You can also scale, preview and rotate the clone source.
  • For working with the Clone Source interactive panel you need to follow these steps.
  • If the Clone Source Panel is hidden you can select Window>Clone Source.
  • Alt-Click on the image for recording the 1st clone source.
  • Click on the 2nd Clone Source icon from the top of the Clone Source panel.
  • Alt-Click on the page for defining the 2nd clone source.
  • Now you need to enter any numbers which you want in Offset X & Y, W & H.
  • Now select the Show Overlay check box to see a preview of the clone source.